NEW! Pulsar Merger LRF XP50


NEW! Schmidt & Bender Turret retrofits


NEW! Schmidt & Bender PM II 6-36x56


NEW! HikMicro

HIKMICRO is a leading provider of thermal imaging equipment and solutions. Specializing in SoC and MEMS design, development, and manufacturing, the company offers thermal detectors, cores, modules, cameras and total solutions to the global market, serving customers in more than 100 countries and regions.


HIKMICRO places a high value on research and development, empowering its continual progress in thermal technology. The company earned ISO9001 certification in 2018, demonstrating its quality-first philosophy from the very start. Through continuous innovation, HIKMICRO’s products and solutions constantly meet the diverse needs of individual, commercial, industrial, and utility customers around the world.




NEW! Swarovski tM 35

Featuring state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology, the tM 35 impresses both as a thermal imaging hand-held device and as a thermal imaging clip-on device. The proven, energy-saving SWAROLIGHT automatic switch-on/off timer and intelligent brightness adjustment ensure it is ready for use at all times. Depending on the hunting situation, detail recognition can be enhanced by switching between White Hot and Black Hot mode. The tM 35 can be operated intuitively in darkness and is compatible with SWAROVSKI OPTIK rifle scopes from the Z8i, Z6i, Z5(i), and Z3 series.


K21 tM 35 13 Persp vorne montiert RGB - cropped



Gentex Corporation   Ops-Core


Ops-Core FAST Bump High Cut Helmet

  • The FAST Bump high cut shell is designed for less extreme environments where ballistic threats are not a priority, and the focus is on protection from blunt trauma forces, or where the primary need is for integration of mission-configured components.
  • Molded front NVG mount, 4-position Ops-Core ARCTM Rails, and NEW Universal Exterior Loop Lite Pattern
  • Vent holes for increased ventilation and water drainage
  • Improved blunt impact performance per ACH CO/PD 05-04: 2007
  • Non-ballistic high cut shell provides a low-cost alternative to the FAST Carbon
  • Available with one suspension/retention option
  • Includes Ops-Core Helmet Bag
  • Meets the requirements of BS EN 1385: 2012 and Ops-Core PS-1145 

*FAST Bump Helmets are molded with a visible split sizing. When ordering replacement parts for this helmet, use the single size indications.



NEW! NIGHT-TRONIC Nightvision up to 4+ Photonis tubes.

NEW! NIGHT-TRONIC Nightvision up to 4+ Photonis tubes.



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NEW! Pulsar Proton FXQ30

Pulsar Proton FXQ30 – New Color Display Thermal Front Attachment




With the new HELIA Red Dot closed (RD-C), for the first time KAHLES is presenting a closed and robust red dot sight to the market, which has been designed for driven hunting and for use in the most adverse conditions. With an anti-reflection coating for a clear view, a precise 2 MOA red dot for minimum coverage on the wild and special safety details, it’s the ideal targeting aid to help you make that safe shot.

The anti-reflection coating used provides the best image quality across the entire field of view. The precise red dot ensures low target coverage and can be manually adjusted to the ambient light with four (+1) levels. The MAX LIGHT function, which activates an extremely bright illuminated dot, helps in particularly difficult lighting conditions and with backlighting. The intelligent automatic switch-off function of the Automaticlight ensures that the device is switched off automatically when not in use.

The especially developed SAFE LIGHT function is new and comes in particularly handy, for example, when hunting animals that are able to defend themselves. It prevents the brightness of the illuminated dot being accidentally adjusted and deactivates the Automaticlight of the illuminated dot until it is manually reactivated again.

The robust design of the product not only ensures absolutely resistant use, it also makes the product simple and intuitive to use. The flip-up covers that are included and the Picatinny mount with quick-release fastener and screw lock, all in all, ensure the highest reliability and safety in every detail.



NEW! Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50

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NEW! Swarovski EL Range (with Tracking Assistant)

The integrated Tracking Assistant makes it much easier to track your prey by guiding you to where you fired your last shot. You can opt to use this program via your phone or your EL Range.
Use the smartphone app to configure the binoculars to your specific needs and individual ballistics data. Based on this and atmospheric data such as air pressure and temperature, it helps you to shoot with even greater precision because, along with the adjusted shooting distance, it also gives you the number of clicks needed for your rifle scope.
EL Range TA with display

NEW! Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 and Accolade 2 LRF XP50 Pro Series

Helion 2 XP50 and Accolade 2 LRF XP50 Pro Series: new flagships in the Pulsar thermal imaging...


NEW! Swarovski dS Gen. II 5-25x52 P L

Responsible hunting is the top priority. For this way of hunting, the dS rifle scope offers the best possible support. And this is even more true for its successor - the new dS Gen. II.

Design and ergonomics have been hugely improved. Thanks to the enhanced cockpit and a slimmer battery tower, the handling of the new dS is even more intuitive, easier and faster. At the same time, the elegant shape and the harmonious proportions lead to a visually pleasing union of your rifle scope and weapon.

The dS Gen. II offers uncompromising optics with:
a 5x zoom for a magnification of 5 up to 25,
a high detail recognition, and



NEW! Kahles K525i 5-25x56 SKMR 4 DLR

KAHLES K525i dynamic long range (DLR) - YouTube

The K 525i combines maximum optical performance and precision with unique handling and ergonomics. The new DLR model was optimised for the high requirements that the speed at Dynamic Long Range competitions brings, while additionally being equipped with an extra wide field of view, easy readable clicks, extra-long throw lever, and a parallax spinner.

The central array of the parallax wheel is only available at and patented by KAHLES, which allows for ergonomically optimal and extremely quick - both right- and left-handed - operation of the adjustment options for side elevation and parallax correction. The important click indicators on the turrets were enlarged even more on this K525i model and are now easier to read and operate from the shooting positions in DLR disciplines and their fast time laps.

The TWIST GUARD anti-twist safeguard that was established and patented in the meantime reliably prevents accidental adjustment of the windage turret with its freely rotating covering cap. It allows for fast, unobstructed operation by the shooter, without time-consuming “locking” or “unlocking”. The supplied extra-long throw lever and the parallax spinner ensure for an even faster and more intuitive adjustment of magnification and parallax.
The K525i DLR is furthermore equipped with the newly developed illuminated reticle SKMR4 on the first focal plane, specifically developed for the dynamic requirements of competitions, such as PRS.

With the K525i DLR, the shooter can concentrate on the essentials in a competition and hit the target even faster.



.:. Maximum optical performance with extra wide field of view
.:. 100 clicks per rotation - absolutely reliable repeat accuracy and clearly defined clicks
.:. Extra-large turret lettering for easy and fast reading
.:. Optional left or right TWIST GUARD windage
.:. Special equipment: extra-long throw lever & parallax spinner for quick adjustments
.:. Precise illuminated SKMR4 reticle in 1st focal plane



NEW! Zero Compromise Optic

Uncompromised optical and mechanical systems - Made and designed in Austria and The United States!

Zero Com­pro­mise Optic is and al­ways has been a multi-na­tional af­fair. Since the com­pany was cre­ated, we com­bined the best op­ti­cal, me­chan­i­cal, new de­sign cre­ation, and per­for­mance dri­ven minds from Aus­tria and The United States. The ZCO staff in­clude mem­bers that hold mul­ti­ple patents in the rifle scope in­dus­try, have de­signed some of the most ro­bust me­chan­i­cal sys­tems that are still being used today, have held top level man­age­ment po­si­tions, as well as a re­tired U.S. mil­i­tary of­fi­cer among many other back­grounds.



Here at Pulsar, we are very happy to unveil KRYPTON FXG50, our first ever Thermal vision front attachment with 640x480 @ 12 µm sensor. 
Yukon Advanced Optics, the leading developer and manufacturer of night and thermal vision optics for outdoor professionals and hobbyists,
has launched KRYPTON FXG50 a thermal imaging front attachment for daytime optics that also doubles as a handheld monocular.
This new device very quickly converts your daytime scope to a full feature thermal optics, without the need to re-zero or having to replace the scope itself.

KRYPTON will be sold in 2 versions:

  • KRYPTON XG50 will come with a 5x monocular, meant for handheld use.
  • KRYPTON FXG50 will come with an adaptor (for 42mm, 50mm or 55mm) for daytime scopes.

KRYPTON FXG50 - The most powerful thermal imaging attachment from Pulsar



NEW! Swarovski NL PURE



The largest-ever field of view with almost indiscernible edges allows you to experience nature as never before– and immerse yourself in the moment.   



NL Pure - the revolutionary binoculars with the largest field of view to date and barely perceptible edges, without compromising on ergonomics and handling. In other words: Best optics, packed in the smallest possible size. The NL Pure thus provides unprecedented nature experiences.




NEW! Pulsar New series 2


New series 2 devices are here! Together with unprecedented thermal sensitivity of lower than 40mK sensors. 

We are excited to announce the 2nd generation of Pulsar thermal imaging devices for outdoor professionals, hobbyist and tech-pioneers:

  • Thermal imaging riflescope TRAIL 2 LRF XP50 
  • Thermal imaging monocular Helion 2 XP50
  • And thermal imaging binoculars Accolade 2 LRF XP50

NEW! Kahles K18i 1-8x24

Perfected for competition

The new K18i has been specially designed for use in sports disciplines such as IPSC and 3-Gun competitions and is the result of radical further development of its successful predecessor, the K16i. The characteristics of the K18i have been developed in collaboration with the best pro-shooters in Europe and North America and thoroughly refined for intuitive and rapid target acquisition between 20–300 m (IPSC) and up to 700 m (3-Gun). Consequently, the K18i features perfect optical performance, a large eyebox for immediately gauging your point of focus in relation to your surroundings, an excellent field of view of 5.3–42.5 m/100 m and a new, innovative illumination function by the name of "KAHLES MAX LIGHT". The large zoom factor (8x) in conjunction with the actual 1x magnification provides the ideal combination for target acquisition over a variety of distances and makes an ideal complement to the two completely newly developed reticles (IPSC and 3GR). These have been specially designed with these competitions in mind, for an image that is as distortion-free as possible with fewer, yet still precisely coordinated points and lines of aim. The newly developed and individually positionable throw levers (two sizes included in delivery) and a robust housing design that is tailored to the shooter – along with various other features – allow for the best possible performance in tough competition environments where just a few tenths of a second can make the difference between failure and success.

The K18i will be available in stores starting March 2020.



.: Uncompromised optimized for IPSC and 3-Gun matches
.: Ultra wide field of view, 8 times zoom and true 1 magnification
.: 2 sizes of integrated throw levers with free selectable position
.: Extra bright day/night illumination in 2nd focal plane with MAX LIGHT-function for strongest backlight situations
.: With pro-shooters designed reticles especially for IPSC and 3-GUN
.: OILPHOBIC coated lenses



NEW! GR²ID reticle is now in 3-27x57, 5-45x56 PM II High Power, 3-20x50 PM II Ultra II Ultra Short.

Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.


NEW! The sound is ON for Thermion and Axion series!

The sound is ON for Thermion and Axion series!

Pulsar is happy to announce new Firmware 2.0 update for Thermion XM, Thermion XP, Axion XM and Axion Key models.

We always strive to enhance our products and to offer the best possible user experience.

The latest firmware greatly upgrades units’ functionality and adds excellent features based on our latest achievements in image processing and sound recording.

AXION XMTHERMION XM and THERMION XP receive a number of significant improvements that make it even easier and more comfortable to operate the units.

Sound recording – The long awaited ability to record videos with sound is finally here. Now high quality videos will also record sound so you can capture your full experience whilst using the device.

Image processing improvement – Firmware update introduces new algorithms of image processing which enhance sensitivity of sensor and make image look more vivid and contrasted. Optimized image settings in preset observation modes (Rocks Forest Identification) help to achieve the best performance in various conditions.

  • Forest - Optimal image in conditions of dense vegetation and low temperature differences, the relief, vegetation and hot objects are more clearly visible.
  • Rocks - Optimal display of warm objects in the presence of a large number of objects with different temperatures (sunny day, mountains or city relief) in the field of view.
  • Identification – Optimally depicts the details of an object when it is necessary to recognize or identify the object, works well under difficult conditions: rain, fog (possibility of more image noise, which is normal for this mode).




MatchMaster Powder Dispenser